About Us


Hello, I’m Ahmet Bülbül. I graduated from the English Department at Middle East Technical University in 2011. After a period of service at Düzce University, I joined Boğaziçi University’s School of Foreign Languages prep unit as a Lecturer in 2012. During my 11-year tenure there, I had the pleasure of teaching English at various levels.

From 2019 to 2022, I was involved in exam preparation at the Exam Preparation Unit. When the pandemic made remote learning a necessity, I took on the task of developing the necessary tools for conducting all prep unit exams online. This included integrating these tools with learning management systems and other online resources.

In 2023, I decided to seek a quieter lifestyle outside of Istanbul. After 11 years of fulfilling work at the institution, I decided to part ways and began working on the creation of my own online language learning platform, Lingodemia. Using the expertise I’ve gained over my career, I’m here to help you learn English through a platform and program designed to make the most professional use of web 2.0 tools, perfectly suited for online education.