General English Course

The General English Course offers comprehensive content that covers all aspects of the language. The course begins with fundamental grammar rules and includes online lessons and various self-study activities for students to enhance their listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills. As students progress to advanced levels, they can comprehend more complex topics and construct intricate sentences. Business-focused terminology and practical communication skills have been incorporated to enable students to comfortably use English in both professional and daily life situations. Additionally, lessons enriched with cultural content provide an opportunity for a better understanding of the cultures of English-speaking countries. These course materials help students feel more at ease in the English-speaking world and improve their communication abilities.

Live Classes:

  • Our lessons are conducted by our expert instructors on Zoom in 50-minute sessions.
  • Each course spans a total of 8 weeks, with 6 sessions held every week, amounting to 48 sessions in total.
  • During these sessions, we cover online exercises designed to improve your reading, listening, speaking, and grammar skills. Additionally, you will be assigned reading, listening, speaking, grammar, and writing exercises through Moodle to further develop your language skills.
  • Quality resources play a pivotal role in learning English effectively. Therefore, in the General English Course, we utilize coursebooks from Cambridge University Press to establish a solid foundation and promote more efficient English learning.

Small Class Sizes:

  • Our classes are intentionally kept small, with maximum 8 students per class, ensuring that each student receives personalized attention and guidance.
  • These small class sizes foster greater interaction among participants and accelerate the learning process.

Online Platform: Moodle

  • Apart from the textbook used in online classes, all course-related content, exercises, materials, and assignments are conveniently housed on our user-friendly Lingodemia LMS built on the Moodle platform.
  • Our students have around-the-clock access to this platform, empowering them to work through assignments and exercises at their own convenience.

Types of Exercises and Activities

In addition to real-time lessons, you can enrich your learning experience on Moodle each week with various activities. Throughout your learning journey, you will engage in the following activities on Moodle for each skill (reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, vocabulary):

1- Vocabulary

On Moodle, you’ll discover a range of tools, applications, and exercises dedicated to ensuring that the words intended to be taught throughout the course become firmly etched in your memory.

Vocabulary Notebook

You can access a digital vocabulary notebook on our Moodle platform, containing all the words targeted for learning during the course. Each word is accompanied by its meaning and an example sentence. Additionally, our students have the option to add any new words they learn outside of class to this notebook.

If you come across any of the words in this notebook in any other text or activity on Moodle, you can simply click on the word to review its meaning and example sentence.

Flashcards (Kelime Kartları)

This activity is an effective way to boost your vocabulary. It allows you to learn new words and expand your existing word bank. Vocabulary cards provide visual and repetitive support for word learning, helping words stick in your long-term memory.


These activities employ gamification techniques to ensure that words are memorized interactively and in an enjoyable manner.

2- Grammar

Fill in the Blanks / Drag and Drop / Games

Alongside classic activities such as fill in the blanks and drag and drop to solidify your grasp of grammar rules learned in lessons, our Moodle platform offers a variety of fun games designed to make these rules stick.

Dil Bilgisi-Konuşma Alıştırması (Grammar into Speaking)

In this exercise that integrates grammar and speaking skills, you’ll find weekly questions that prompt you to respond using the grammar structures covered in that unit. Your responses should be given verbally. This exercise employs advanced speech recognition technology, aiding you in both grasping grammar structures and enhancing your pronunciation as you provide correct answers with accuracy.

3- Listening

Dinleme Alıştırmaları

This activity is designed to help you enhance your listening skills. You’ll listen to English-spoken texts or dialogues and then answer questions. This practice allows you to become more adept at understanding different accents, pacing, and language usage. Engaging in listening and responding to questions helps prepare you for various conversational scenarios you might encounter in everyday life.

Video Lessons

This activity is essentially a self-paced lesson that typically takes around 30-45 minutes to complete. It begins with a vocabulary exercise, followed by two or three different activities that you can engage in while watching a video, and finally wraps up with a grammar exercise. Video exercises help boost your comprehension of everyday English usage.

4- Reading

Story and Text Reading Exercises

These exercises are designed to improve your reading comprehension skills. Reading texts and stories while learning English not only helps you grasp the language’s structure and expand your vocabulary but also makes the language learning process more enjoyable. It encourages learning within a context, making it easier to understand the language.

5- Writing

Writing Assignments

Each week, you’ll be given writing assignments on a variety of topics, providing you with the opportunity to enhance your written communication skills. This enables you to practice applying grammar rules, improve your narrative abilities, and refine your written expressions.

6- Speaking

Weekly Presentations

This activity offers you the chance to improve your English speaking and presentation skills. Each week, you’ll receive assignments to research and present on various topics. Through these presentations, you’ll have the opportunity to express yourself, enhance your speaking abilities, and build confidence.

Shadowing Technique Exercises

These exercises are designed to enhance your English pronunciation and speaking speed. In this exercise, you record your voice after a speaker and evaluate your own pronunciation. You can continue practicing until you get as close as possible to the pronunciation in the recording. This activity offers you the chance to better grasp language rhythm and intonation. The shadowing technique helps you speak English more accurately and confidently.


In the Online General English Course, there are a total of 12 levels:

Beginner 1

Beginner 2


Elementary 1

Elementary 2

Pre-Intermediate 1


Pre-Intermediate 2

Intermediate 1

Intermediate 2


Upper-Intermediate 1

Upper-Intermediate 2


Advanced 1

Advanced 2


Quizzes and Exams

The course content includes three quizzes and a final exam each semester. Quizzes are held in the second, fourth, and sixth weeks, covering topics from the previous two weeks. A final exam is conducted at the end of the course. When calculating your semester grade, each quiz accounts for 20%, while the final exam carries a 40% weight. To successfully complete the course, a minimum end-of-semester grade of 60 is required. If you are registering for the course for the first time, you’ll need to take a placement test.

Who Is This Course Suitable For?

This course is designed for individuals who are enthusiastic about learning English and can commit at least one hour a day to language acquisition. Learning a language is a process that requires both time and effort, making daily commitment critically important for a successful learning experience. Our course includes a relatively substantial amount of homework, primarily to encourage consistent and extensive practice. These assignments help students reinforce their grasp of grammar and communication skills. In the language learning journey, blending theoretical knowledge with practical application is of great importance. Therefore, completing assignments regularly helps students develop their ability to use what they’ve learned in real-life situations. Keep in mind that language learning is a long-term endeavor that demands patience. This course is an excellent choice for those who are committed to learning a language and willing to invest time each day.

Students planning to join this course should have a basic grasp of computer skills. It’s crucial that they can navigate Zoom effectively, browse the internet, download and install files, and communicate through email. The course is delivered in an online format, requiring students to complete assignments and engage in activities on Moodle, necessitating these fundamental computer skills. Additionally, some tasks may involve creating designs on external websites or platforms, downloading them to their computers, and later presenting about them. Therefore, those considering enrolling in the course should possess a basic level of computer proficiency to use the platform effectively, enhance their interaction with the course content, and ultimately succeed in the online learning environment.


For enrollment in courses other than Beginner 1, you’ll need to take a placement test. This 50-minute test includes sections on listening, reading, and grammar, with a total of 70 questions. Upon your request, a personalized test link will be sent to your email. After you complete the test, you can expect to receive your level information and course availability corresponding to your level within two business days.

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