Speaking Practice

-Shadowing Technique-


Step 1: Silent Listening

  • First, run the audio file.
  • Listen quietly and pay attention to the speaker’s intonation, stress and speed.

Step 2: Voice Recording

  • Start the voice recorder app when you think you are ready.
  • Record your voice by reading the sentence out loud.

Adım 3: Karşılaştırma

  • Start your voice recording and listen.
  • Compare the two audio files in order and evaluate how close your pronunciation is to the original audio file.

Step 4: Improvement

  • After comparing the two files, determine which parts need more work.
  • Identify the incorrect pronunciations and stresses and work on them more.
  • As you make progress, repeat the steps and try to achieve more similarity to the audio file.

“I like to read books and watch movies. What are your hobbies?”

“How are you today? I am fine, thank you.”

“Where are you from? I am from Turkey. How about you?”

“Today I’m going to talk about my favorite sport, which is soccer. I love soccer because it is fun, exciting and good for my health.”

“I play soccer every weekend with my friends at the park. We have a lot of fun and sometimes we even compete with other teams.”

“My favorite soccer player is Cristiano Ronaldo. He is very talented and skillful. I admire him a lot and I try to learn from him.”

“The weather in Turkey is very diverse. It can be very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter.”

“In the summer, I like to go to the beach and swim in the sea. I also like to eat ice cream and drink lemonade.”

“In the winter, I like to go to the mountains and ski on the snow. I also like to drink hot chocolate and eat soup.”

“I enjoy both seasons, but I prefer the spring because it is not too hot or too cold.”

“One of the most famous landmarks in Turkey is the Hagia Sophia. It is a historical building that was built in the 6th century.”

“It was originally a church, then a mosque, and now a museum. It is a symbol of the rich and diverse culture of Turkey.”

“It has a beautiful dome, a large interior and many mosaics and paintings. It is a must-see attraction for anyone who visits Turkey.”

“Turkey is a country that has a lot of natural beauty and cultural diversity. It is located in both Europe and Asia, and it has a long and rich history.”

“It is home to many civilizations, such as the Hittites, the Greeks, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Ottomans and the Turks.”

“It has a lot of attractions, such as the ancient ruins of Ephesus, the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia, the thermal springs of Pamukkale and the modern city of Istanbul.”

” It is also known for its delicious cuisine, such as kebabs, baklava, dolma and Turkish coffee.”

“One of the most popular trends in the world today is e-learning. E-learning is the use of electronic media and technology to deliver education and training.”

“E-learning can be done through various platforms, such as websites, apps, podcasts, videos, etc.”

“E-learning has many benefits, such as convenience, flexibility, accessibility and affordability.”

“E-learning can also enhance the quality and effectiveness of learning, by providing interactive, personalized and engaging content.”

“E-learning is suitable for anyone who wants to learn new skills or improve their existing ones.”

“Shadowing is a technique that can help you improve your language skills. Shadowing is when you listen to an audio file and repeat what you hear out loud.”

“Shadowing can help you improve your listening, speaking, pronunciation and intonation. Shadowing can also help you acquire new vocabulary, grammar and expressions.”

“Shadowing can be done with any kind of audio content, such as podcasts, audiobooks, YouTube videos, etc. Shadowing can be done at any time and place, as long as you have a device and a pair of headphones. Shadowing is a fun and effective way to learn a language.”